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April 16, 2020

BC Denver Family,

I hope you all are in good health and maintaining high spirits during these difficult times.  Despite today’s spring snowstorm, the weather has been positive for spending quality time with family, getting some needed sunshine, and of course, working on your hoops skills in the driveway! There have been few significant changes in the world of club basketball but I wanted to provide an update and a few ideas for managing the weeks ahead. 

First and foremost, I want to reiterate that BC Denver is committed to the upcoming season and all of the athletes who have made the choice to be a part of our organization in 2020. It is heartbreaking to think we would be completing our third week of practice at this point and preparing for our first national tournament in Phoenix next weekend. While this unfortunate situation is out of our control we are committed to making the most of it and plan to hit the ground running as soon as the coast is clear. I truly believe in the end we will all find a way to come out of this stronger!

While the future is still very unpredictable at the moment we want to be as transparent as possible and will continue to do our best to navigate the weeks ahead with diligence and positivity. The following are the most recent updates with regard to our plan of action:

Practice: We plan to follow the social distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC and Governor Polis, which as of now are extended in Colorado through April 30th. If that is the final extension and restrictions have been removed regarding groups we plan to find practice time in May. If the restrictions continue we will adjust accordingly… in short, once the “experts” agree that team sports can be played, we will go to work.

Competition: The NCAA has extended the recruiting “dead period” to May 31st. This essentially means NCAA college programs are not allowed to recruit on/off campus for the spring period and all national exposure tournament events have been canceled during this time. Best case scenario pending restrictions are local tune-up events in late May/June with a full-scale national exposure schedule in July. At this point, there have been no national tournament cancellations in the month of July. 

Program Detail Adjustments: Once details of what we will be able to accomplish become more clear we will send out a modified comprehensive plan of action including safety precautions, practice locations, events, fees, etc. Taking care of our coaches, players and families are paramount, and when the time to act and make important decisions is appropriate, we will be ready!

Fall Season: If for whatever reason the summer season does not materialize as we all hope, we will plan for a Fall season beginning in August or September. It’s probably fruitless to speculate on what the NCAA might or might not do but I’d guess if the “dead period” extends into the summer months there could be changes to the Fall calendar that would provide recruiting/exposure opportunities. Regardless we will plan to facilitate player development opportunities in preparation for the high school season.

In the meantime, please let me know how BC Denver can best serve you during these times. Our player development specialist Jerel Seamon is happy to provide ideas for keeping basketball skills sharp with whatever equipment and space you may have available. Additionally, Jason Oswald - our strength and conditioning coach - is getting creative with ideas to maintain fitness during the lockdown. Both Jerel and Jason’s contact info is on the website so please communicate with them if you would like help. 

Finally, if I can personally answer any questions regarding our organization or our plans for the future please don’t hesitate to reach out. Stay safe and strong… we WILL get through this! 

All the best,

Geoff Golden, Director
BC Denver Basketball Club

2020 Team Rosters



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    Class of 2020 College Commitments

    Kylee Blacksten - University of Colorado
    Landri Hudson - University of Wyoming
    Tomia Johnson - Florida Gulf Coast University

    Josephine Howery - Colorado School of Mines
    Carly Thompson - Fort Hays State University (KS)
    Jadyn Ross - Colorado State University-Pueblo

    Stella Rollo - Chico State University (CA)
    Isabelle Munson - Emory University (GA)
    Lauren Zwetzig - Haverford College (PA)
    Kaysie Watanabe - Pacific University (OR)
    Kali March - Cornell College (IA)

    Selena Vargas - Hiram College (OH)
    Alexis Dixon - Otero JC (CO)

    Class of 2019 College Commitments

    Arielle Wisne - University of Indiana
    Alyssa Jimenez - University of Nevada

    Samantha Deem - University of Denver

    Ashley Steffeck - Colorado School of Mines
    Sydney Leeper - South Dakota School of Mines
    Macy Klein - Concordia University Chicago
    Lexi Eberhardt - Colorado State University
    Caleese Ramirez - Palm Beach State (FL)
    Isabella Sparaco - Iowa Western CC

    Class of 2018 College Commitments

    Delaynie Byrne - University of Minnesota/UNLV
    Ashley Panem - Florida Gulf Coast University

    Sydney Mech - University of Denver/Colorado State
    Maddy Bennett  - Air Force Academy
    Samantha Van Sickle - Colorado School of Mines

    Denali Pinto - Colorado School of Mines
    Reilly Dunn - South Plains JC (TX)/CSU-Pueblo

    Isabella Allen - South Plains JC (TX)
    Hanna Koza - Colorado Northwestern College 

    Kate Ogrodny - North Central College (IL)

    Class of 2017 College Commitments

    Ashley Van Sickle - Montana State University
    Kylie Jimenez - Portland State University
    Anna Weibel - Sacramento State University/Western State
    Laura Pranger - Montana State University/Azusa Pacific
    Halley Miklos - Cornell University
    Jessica Baker - Laramie County CC

    Class of 2016 College Commitments

    Madi Gaibler - University of Colorado Colorado Springs
    Sami Steffeck - South Dakota School of Mines  

    Olivia Burgener - Wheaton College
    Sophie Nick - Vassar College
    Samantha Kisiel - Florida Gulf Coast University

    Tavia Weis - Augustana College

    Class of 2015 College Commitments

    Callie Kaiser- Colorado State University/Pacific 
    Courtney Smith- University of Northern Colorado/Denver
    Annika Lai- Montana State University
    Kelly O'Flannigan- University of Colorado Colorado Springs
    Sally Sroge- Hollins University
    Molly Gillis- Colorado College
    Sarah Thilenius- College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University
    Bree Paulson- Western Nebraska CC/St. Bonaventure University   
    Dani Ponzio- Hastings College
    Casey Torbet- Colorado College
    Katie Stirling- Adams State
    Jordan Baer- Colorado Christian University